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About The Artist

My Name is Rose Jensen

I have been creating art, in many forms, my whole life. My biggest passion is music. 

This web site is intended to showcase my music and art. I believe that art is ment to be shared. That is the reason why we create. I hope you enjoy what i have to share with you.

The first art I ever created was with my voice in singing. My mom tells me that, when I was very little,  I was singing along with jingles on TV and the radio before I could put a sentence together. My music just grew from there. 

The first insturment I ever played was a clarinet. But, due to a childhood injury, I traded that for a flute. From there I learned the guitar and Piano. But the whole time singing was my true passion. Whenever I learned a new instrument it would just wind up accompanying my voice. Now I play many instruments including the Bass guitar, Piano, electric and accustic guitar and drums.

Thank you for coming here to share my art and music with me.

Enjoy :) 

Things I Love

My Happy Place


The beach is one of my favorite places to be

My Puppy


I am a Beagle Lover!

My Husband


This is my highschool sweetheart