My Art


a drawing of Fuzzy the rat

I drew this line drawing with ink in art school. The rat was a pet of of my daughters.

Gadget, My beagle
I created this in computer graphics class, learning Illustrator


This is my beagle. I created this picture in computer graphics class learning Illustrator.

Purple Rose Stud

My drawing of two stuffed animals

I drew this in art school. Its done in charcoal. The dog on the right I got in high school when I was president of the choirs and recieved this for orchestrating the stuffed animal sale.

My Jewelry Creations


Bridal Jewelry

I have created an entire line of Bridal Jewelry out of Moonstones, crystals and sterling silver. This is my beautiful daughter ,Amber, modeling it.



Here is one of my favorite necklaces. Its Peridot and Swarovski crystals with sterling silver.


Lamp Glass Braceletts

I love to make all my own components to my pieces. Here is an example of my clasps. All done in matching colored metals.