This page is for my music recordings

The Following is a compolation of songs I have written and songs I have covered with other groups. I will be updating this page from time to time as I acquire more recordings.

Please enjoy what I have up so far

Thank you for listening

Me covering You Oughta Know

Files coming soon.

Dont Go

Written by Rose Jensen

recorded by TNT

all rights reserved

Whatever It Is (Don't Go)

Written by Rose Jensen

all righs reserved

Baker Street

Covered by Rose Jensen

Meet LaDiDa!

LaDiDa is an a cappella quartet

I have been with LaDiDa for 5 years now. It is one of the most exciting and challenging groups I have ever been in. We have a wide variety of music.

Check Out LaDiDa's Web site

We are available for bookings

Please refer to out web site for 

contact information

Here is some LaDiDa music

Sing Sing Sing

This is one of our favorites from the big band era

LaDiDa'a most recent studio session

We were asked to record a portion of a sound tract for a feature film. Here is the peice we recorded

Dreamer's Ballad (mp3)


The Longest Time (mp3)